Where Nothing Moves Except the Light
Human perception, especially self-awareness, is the central concern of my art. In my work, I think about thinking and about how past experiences shape future thoughts. From the beginning of life, we each build a personal model of the world to make sense of it. We revise and expand that model over time to survive as our autonomy increases. We reflect, we learn, and we change. One early winter afternoon, as I stood in my kitchen amid deepening and suggestive shadows, I began to see scenes that brought to mind childhood stories of simple religious characters teaching simple lessons. The scenes in this story—now much more personal and complex—are significant to the me that is now. They take place in a world where nothing moves except the light.
Light the Lifeless Spirit
Human perception, especially self-awareness, is the central concern of my art. In my work, I think about thinking. During the past year everyday events began to unravel. Time stuttered, important interests lost their power, trivial thoughts became preoccupations. I felt dry, as if my empathy had disappeared and with it the joy of creation. My photographs show dark, hard, metallic pieces of equipment—machinery of storage and control. The ostensible subjects of the photographs are photographic objects. In studying them, I see that, without intention, I have made a portrait of myself. I have begun to find my way back from lifelessness.
Our New SelfCheck System
Looking back the signs Were always there But, who are we To think we can See clearly?
Eleven of two. Together.
Anthropic Principle
The history of the universe, as science, mythology, and self-awareness
A struggle between perception and self-awareness
Does the mind's hysteresis combine discrete frames into life's movie? And what is happening in between?
Stories of diverse relationships.
Sometimes the canvas seems blank at first.
Vanishing Points
Negative or positive, in or out, push or pull. Danger flickers in the corner of your eye.